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Please Enjoy Me, Father-In-Law (2021)

33 votes, average 8.3 out of 10

[KUSE-006] Please Enjoy Me, Father-In-Law. Mie Chin

This video, damn. It’s like expecting another low-budget porn movie, but you get blown away with a complicated drama with a lot of intricate points. And some ridiculously high amount of effort that only the Japanese would bother doing.

This movie also some fine banter aimed towards Chinese, but it’s all in good fun I guess, Japanese very often mock themselves too.

The actress was really amazing too, and she makes the movie work. Chen Mie debuted in KUSE-004 last month and was shipped as a Chinese girl.

Whether she really is Chinese or not I have no idea. In this movie, she curses in Chinese at minute 00:34:20 with a very funny accent. At any rate, she was great.

In the movie plot, Chen begins to work in the family restaurant alongside the new husband of her Mom. She wants to learn the trade fast to earn more money, as the family is struggling with debts and they have problems with loan sharks.

Soon enough she learns where the father in law gets his secret ingredient from… and yes, it is that bad.

Duration: 120 Min

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